Gluten Free? How? I’m Italian!!

Uggg gluten free?! That is the worst thing to hear especially when you’re Italian. What am I going to eat? How am I going to survive? And how I am going to survive in winter in New England when I love comfort food!!! 

Ok pump the brakes, Julie. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. I know from my education that eating gluten is really not necessary, so why does it feel so hard right now? Well reality has set in and I’ve allowed myself to take care of everyone but myself, so I’ve got to pump the breaks and remember that I can do this and so can you! 

Gluten wreaks havoc on our bodies and causes so much inflammation that for someone, especially with endometriosis, it truly isn’t worth it.  When I was told to go gluten-free I actually said no I’m not doing that. You want me to go dairy-free AND gluten-free? No. Can you believe that as a Health and Wellness Coach I actually said that? 

I then took a moment (a day, a week or maybe even almost 6 months) and thought about all the money I was spending on supplements and on Naturpath visits and still not feeling fantastic. That’s when I had to kick my own self in the butt and say “get it together and go gluten and dairy-free”.  I told myself that it didn’t mean I couldn’t indulge every once in awhile (instead of every week or maybe every day), but this was ridiculous to spend so much money and not make these 2 quite large changes. 

I’ve gone dairy-free before, but this gluten thing is hard especially if I’m not prepared because it’s just so easy to “pick”.  I’m actually only on my first full week of being gluten-free and I’ve had a little slip up or two but I also have to tell you – I was so itchy! I forgot (how could I forget?) about the DETOX from gluten! My skin was hive like, my skin was so itchy I wanted to scream and thought it had to be from a new supplement. Nope. Gluten detox. I will have to remember this for whenever I feel I want a piece of bread or a Stacy Pita Chip (my favorite).  

It’s important though in order to feel better and really our bodies don’t need gluten.  I’m going to start to compile recipients for you and just different items I eat for each meal and snacks to help you that are gluten free and I will continue to be brutally honest about my feelings while I go down this gluten-free road. 


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