Coffee for breakfast? Please! 

At this point in your life I’m asssuming you have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but throw real life at you with invisible pain from endometriosis and maybe a kid or two, and breakfast can seem absolutely impossible.  

I tried doing the whole just coffee thing for breakfast (snack and lunch) and at first it was great. I felt awake, I didn’t feel hungry and I felt like I could make it through the day and maybe even lose weight!  This sounds insane coming from a Health Coach (which I am), but it’s just being honest.   I wasn’t making time for myself. I was making sure everyone else was taken care of and knew it was going to catch up with me, but I chose to wait. Hey – I was functioning.

I went to see my endometriosis specialist (who I had put off seeing for my follow up for months) and don’t know why it surprised me to hear, but the pain I was experiencing was in fact caused by my endometriosis which was pushing my uterus toward my left ovary hence why I had left lower pelvic pain like I had years ago prior to my deep excision surgery. 

It was overwhelming to hear what I knew had to be true – the endo was back. Not only because the endo was back because I knew I hadn’t been helping myself by the way I was eating and drinking especially all the coffee I was drinking.  There was a direct effect of the coffee to my pain and I chose to ignore it just to get through my day. 

I’ve made a lot of changes and we will talk more specially about coffee and coffee alternatives, but here is an example of what I am currently forcing myself (it won’t be forced once it becomes habit) to eat for breakfast: Apple Cider Vinegar drink with water and ice with eggs and veggies. This morning it was mushrooms and broccoli sautéed up in coconut oil. Add a little Himalayan Sea Salt and it’s delish!  

Yes, first thing this morning I would have much rather had a Starbucks Americana coffee, but this evening am very happy with myself that I didn’t. 


4 thoughts on “Coffee for breakfast? Please! 

  1. I STILLL dont understand how you could have just run on coffee all morning ?! I would’ve passed out !!! I can’t even wait an hour to eat in the morning!

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