Feeling crappy? 

Feeling like you may be coming down with something? The best thing to do is try and support your immune system as soon as possible so that it can fight whatever it is you’re fighting.  I have quite the mix of natural remedies in my cabinets, but something that really seems to help is to drink a couple cups of hot water with fresh ginger cut up, honey and lemon.  

The lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C and helps to flush out toxins.  The ginger helps strengthen your immune system and the honey balances out the ginger flavor as well as can help when fatigue sets in. 

I should actually try and start drinking this on a daily basis because of how beneficial it is to our bodies to help keep my immune system strong. It can be very tough to stay healthy when you have sick kids in your house, but as mothers we just don’t have time to be sick so we have to try whatever we can think of to stay healthy! 


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