Back from the sick!

I’m back up again!  It has been 2 weeks of being sick on top of having endo and a slew of other autoimmune issues, but I finally feel enough energy to get my butt writing again.  I posted this picture of me on Instagram with a mask on when I knew I had strep throat (didn’t want my family getting it) and someone said to me “ya know you are Endo Mom Strong.  You really shouldn’t put pictures like that up.  It doesn’t show people you are strong”.  I understand this person’s point, but I also feel that what sets me apart from others is that I keep it real.  I’m going to be honest with anyone who asks about what it is like going through endometriosis and how life is not always rainbows and unicorns.  I will, of course,  be positive and uplifting for the most part because I do feel that there is a lot of hope for you suffering but I think it is very important that you know that the strong can get knocked down as well and that’s OK as long as you get back up again!


I’ve been focused on Instagram working on getting followers and posting pictures and that is a lot more time consuming than I would have thought!  I have a new appreciation for Social Media Experts.  It takes all day to constantly be posting pictures, commenting on other’s pictures and gaining appropriate followers – good for you all!

Having the chance to look through Instagram and see who was out there- endo related -was very hopeful in that there seem to be many people trying to do what I am doing which is raising awareness about endometriosis and helping women to understand they are not alone and that they do not need to live in pain.  Not only was it very hopeful, but it was also very sad to see how much suffering women are going through with endometriosis and how they are still not given enough information on how to help themselves feel better.


We have a large community out there ladies.  We are all working toward the same goal, so we just need to continue to do what we are doing and coming together to help you and help our future generation of women so that you can enjoy your life and not continue to live a painful life each day.  We are with you and here to support you – just believe you do not need to live like this anymore.


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