10 years post deep excision surgery 

Happy July! I’m so sorry I fell off the face of the Earth for awhile there, but I have had a lot of positive changes happening and been putting my energy there despite dealing with this beast of a disease.  

If you’ve been following me you know that I am all about alternative therapies and helping manage Endometriosis with food and supplements after deep excision surgery, but I finally had to come out of my state of denial and accept that I was dealing with similar pain I had dealt with years ago when I had endometriosis. I have put off having another surgery because I hadn’t been in pain for so long, but if I’m honest with myself (which now I am being), I see that I’ve been suffering for probably close to 2 years again.  It was after I had my second child and stopped breastfeeding.  I was under an extreme amount of stress and I believe that stress played a huge role in why I started having such pain again and probably caused the Endometriosis to develop again.  

For 3 years I have been avoiding the pill to help control my hormones like the plague and have been to numerous Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors all coupled with my Health and Wellness education but never saw any improvement with the pain I was experiencing especially around my period.  I knew deep down it had to be Endometriosis again but I didn’t want to accept that even with my endometriosis specialist telling me that was most likely the culprit.  

I finally “gave in” and started the pill in hopes I can get through the summer without pain.  I know it is just a band aid for the interim, but if it can help that would really be such a relief to just not have to deal with it for a short time.  I still know deep down that surgery is in my future because of many different symptoms I am having, but I have faith in my surgeon and if I can get another 8 years of being pain free then I will be closer to menopause and hopefully not have to deal with this again! Wishful thinking I know.  


One thought on “10 years post deep excision surgery 

  1. I think this is the way to go. Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the next few months without too much pain. Dr. Kanayama is a wonderful Dr. and I have a lot of faith in him!! Thanks for posting again.

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